How to Generate More Blog Traffic With Evergreen Content?

14 stycznia 2019 13:44

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14 stycznia 2019 13:45

Publications that will remain relevant after a year and which want to re-read, today called the evergreen content. What is the power of evergreen posts? In this article we will give 13 specific examples of how this works. In marketing, we try to adhere to the same strategy - to make such content that has long been popular and relevant.

Evergreen content is a material that does not lose its value over time. You can write a great guide on how to install Metrics on the site. And in a week, and in 2 years it will be useful: the tool is always needed. You will only need to follow the update of the service and sometimes correct the article. How to choose such topics, write useful materials and promote them - read on in our translation of a foreign article.


There are many factors that can “rejuvenate” the publication. Here are some of them:

1/ Evergreen content fits the needs. If your post answers the questions your readers are looking for, it is more likely to become successful.

2/ Convincing title. Your evergreen headline should sell all content.

3/ Readable texts. Pay attention to headlines, images, listings, lists, etc. Do not leave your audience alone with huge walls of unreadable text with no signs of editing.

4/ Add hacks, tips, useful tools - everything that makes the content relevant.


All reasoning leads us to the fact that such content over time will increase in value. But nothing lasts forever. And everything goes out of fashion sooner or later. And many content marketers prefer to publish materials that are relevant here and now. You will be surprised when you see how long evergreen materials will give you an increase in readership, as they pass the test of time.