How to generate leads on LinkedIn?

21 stycznia 2019 13:56

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21 stycznia 2019 13:57

Acquiring a list of potential customers, in addition at a reasonable price, is a challenge facing every person involved in the sale of products and services on the Internet. Despite the myriad of available tools, marketers agree: social media play a key role in acquiring sales leads today. Among them, LinkedIn is on the top.


1. Searching

LinkedIn allows you to join up to 50 discussion groups. I suggest joining as many as you can find for your niche. Interestingly, you can filter members of such a group according to different criteria (position, company, location) in order to find the most suitable (potential customers). In this way, you'll get a list of people you should contact.

2. Making contact

Now you should contact them. It is simple, but one must remember one small but important thing. It's very easy to burn a contact if your message is not personalized. Relying on the default topic You can also be blocked or even labeled as a spammer. Instead, just write why you want to get in touch, how you found that person, and what potential benefits your friend can bring. It is good to refer to some fact that you can find by browsing the recipient's profile. Ideally, if it was not related to work. In this way, it is easier to distinguish and focus on your interest.

3. Promoting

Another way to generate leads by LinkedIn is to add interesting content. It is done to have the opinion of a person who knows their stuff, follows news and trends. Open questions in the title will surely attract attention and encourage interaction. If you lack the time to create content, comment on others sharing your experience and knowledge under other people's works.


Although generating leads through this platform is not easy, the effort is worth the trouble. This is probably not the second such place on the web that would allow building a more stable image of the brand and the masses of loyal and conscious customers.