How to fire a customer in the right way?

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2 stycznia 2019 10:21

It’s not a secret: most of our clients keep the business going. However, sometimes there are a few clients without whom we would be much better. They may harm our business and stop its growth. Of course, most customers are profitable for firms and no one wants to give them up too quickly. When the customers complain or aren’t profitable, it is definitely worth saying goodbye and start looking for a prospering replacement. But how to do it the right way? 1. Plan it In this case, spontaneity is not a good idea. Consider it earlier and do not make decisions in anger. Enemies in business are really not the perfect idea. Think about the best time and way to convey this message. 2. Offer the replacement Suggest your replacement, recommend someone from the industry or give contacts to other companies. Show him that you care about the future of his business. 3. Be personal and appreciative Thank you for your cooperation in person and appreciate the time that you both devoted. 4. Be specific but sympathetic Give specific arguments but keep emotions in check. Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away, especially when the client undermines what you are saying. It is better not to engage in discussions and clearly express your decision. 5. Extend goodwill Give something extra. Offer to refund fees or cancel the last invoice. Remember that your decision is probably a problem for his company, so let him go through this moment and try to help in this situation. 6. Wish him luck Saying goodbye with dignity is a promise that you will not cause problems with each other. After all, do you really want to wish him badly? Forget about each other and seek the best replacements. Letting go of one toxic customer makes some space to find new, better ones. After all, it is your aim, isn’t it?