How to find and hire top sales reps?

11 stycznia 2019 16:19

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11 stycznia 2019 16:21

When companies select a new candidate for a vacant sales representative, they pay special attention to experience or a solid list of successful sales. As a recruiter, it is my responsibility to find the best manager or sales representative for the company. However, many companies are not ready to create the conditions for the best sales representatives when these specialists start working in these companies.


1. Get referrals from friends and colleagues.

Thanks to this method, I managed to hire excellent employees. Your friends and colleagues will never offer you a person who does not have the necessary qualifications or experience, because this may affect their reputation.


2. Talk to your customers.

Your clients are familiar with good specialists, and they definitely want the best for them. These people always know if someone from good managers is looking for a job. The customers themselves are very interested in recommending the best sellers to you because they only want to work with professionals. Therefore, they will advise you only the person who has excellent potential for work in a trade.


3. Use social media.

The best in this is LinkedIn. Using this site you can advertise and quickly review the qualifications of candidates, their specialty and recommendations. You can also meet potential employees by joining groups on LinkedIn and Facebook.


4. Chat with people.

You never know when and where you can find the perfect candidate. Any manager should always be looking for good sales managers, especially outside the work environment. I met one of my best sales representatives in a queue. While we were standing in the supermarket, we had a little chat, which ultimately led to a formal interview. Such casual meetings and easy communication allow you to get an idea of a potential candidate. Wherever you go, keep your ear sharp, because you can meet people who will help your business grow. Be attentive to others, as you can get a lot.