How to find amazing freelancers?

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2 stycznia 2019 15:43

Freelance is slowly becoming an equivalent form of work. At first, it seemed that it would not be too popular and would soon lose with relatively stable work, yet more and more people are choosing to be a freelancer. The work of a freelancer requires pugnacity, self-discipline and a lot of resourcefulness. It is not only taking the most interesting offers of cooperation - the freelancer has to take care of the orders, keep the deadlines and execute the task. That's not all - the freelancer is usually also his own accountant, PR, marketer, and trader, setting the details of the job and looking for job offers. Freelancer is a man who can act in multiple directions, is involved in his tasks, motivated and hard-working. I will try to help you when looking for an intelligent freelancer who will do a good job and not delay in time. We will consider how to hire a freelancer, set a task for him and control the quality of work. Criteria by which you can calculate an experienced freelancer: - Feedback from previous customers. - The high or average cost of work. - Rating (on the stock exchange). - The portfolio contains works of different levels, not only the best. You can rate the maximum and minimum freelancer. Where to look for a good freelancer? 1/ Exchange. Evaluated by the above criteria. 2/ Acquaintances. This is the best option when you find an artist on the recommendation of friends. 3/ Professional sites, forums. After reading part of the correspondence on the forum, you can see the style of communication, the competence of the freelancer in the performance of the proposed task.