How to figure out the next step in your career?

2 stycznia 2019 11:56

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2 stycznia 2019 11:57

It is irrelevant whether you are just starting a job or if you already have a job, but you want to start all over again. The first and basic thing you should start with is, to be honest with yourself. The career path and its foundation are based primarily on self-awareness. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses, awareness of strengths and areas for development will allow you to make the right decisions when planning the next stages. #1 Set the direction A career path is impossible without planning your path. The most important element is to set yourself a short and long-term cell. They should be ambitious and at the same time realistic. Think about what gives you pleasure and satisfaction and (based on the SWOT analysis) what are your predispositions. #2 Create your brand It’s not just about the external appearance. It is important to create the image of a professional in their field. How to do it? First of all, you have to show yourself to the world. Get involved in your student and company environment. #3 Open yourself to others Once you define yourself and determine the direction of your development, try to "enter" the environment. Take advantage of trade fairs, job fairs, conferences or training. There you have the chance to meet many people with different experiences. Familiarity with them will allow you to move more confidently in the environment, and also gain the opportunity to learn many valuable things from them. A well thought out and designed career path should set clear goals. Consistency in action and the emphasis on self-development will allow us to create the image of a professional person, later to become a specialist and authority in a given field. Building a career path through networking and openness to everything new will create opportunities that will allow you to become a professionally fulfilled person.