How to engage the audience on Facebook?

19 grudnia 2018 12:14


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19 grudnia 2018 12:15

Facebook, with more than 1 billion active users, is the main social network where every business can find its audience. Has your Facebook page stalled? Now is the time to try the social network features, discard too much and concentrate on what really works. Here are ten tips on how to expand your audience on Facebook. # 1: Collaborate with administrators of other pages. This is a very effective tactic - to build links with administrators of pages with a similar target audience. Among other things, you can provide each other cross-promo. Collaborative projects will help strengthen ties. Organize a webinar with another company with the same as your target audience. This, by the way, can be a good way to express yourself to this audience. # 2: Share interesting information Information still rules the world, and when people share your publication with themselves, the name of your page travels along with the post. As an option, original photos or images can diversify your posts. It can be either footage from the first hands, or photos from behind the scenes of your business, to which you ask for a signature. You can also add an inspiring or suggestive quote to the photo. The name of your page and comments to the photos will be distributed on the network along with the image. # 3: Put an active link to the page in your personal chronicle or publication Make sure your friends easily become a follower of your page. As we know, page updates do not always appear in the feeds, so what should the page administrator do? If you give a link to your page, people can become a subscriber without leaving your news feed. # 4: Add a link to the page in your personal profile Although this is a very simple step, many people skip it. If users search for you on Facebook, thanks to this they will be able to find not only your personal profile but also your page. When people indicate their place of work in the profile and do not put an active link directly to the page of the company in which they work, a certain “community page” is automatically created with the name of the company and the avatar in the form of a portfolio. As a result, people click "I like" on this page, and not at all on this page of the company. # 5: Add the page address in Facebook to your email signature. How many emails do you send every day? Add a link to a Facebook page to your signature, especially since many email programs, such as Gmail, allow you to create and add clickable icons to your signature: # 6: Comment (thoughtfully) on other pages on behalf of your page This is a great way to become known to your target audience. Participate in discussions on those pages where your potential subscribers communicate. Search for related pages and subscribe to them on behalf of your page. Then follow the posts in the news feed of your page and comment on the publication. Use the business page in the same way as you use your own Facebook chronicle: to establish links and organize discussions on the page. # 7: Organize a contest Organizing a contest is another good way to attract new subscribers. This requires a financial investment, but I hope you have a marketing budget to promote your company. A large number of applications for competitions in Facebook # 8: Add a QR code to your business card Do you give a lot of your business cards? Give the people you met to contact you through your page. It is easy to generate a QR code and it is not worth a penny on such sites as Kaywa and QRStuff. Insert a link to your Facebook page and the code will be generated automatically. Then you can place it on the back of your business card. # 9: Advertise your Facebook Page Facebook today offers many advertising opportunities. In order to achieve the maximum effect from advertising - attracting new subscribers to the page - I suggest using such a function as "Advertising News". Your page is advertised to friends of your subscribers. Create your advertising and calculate the budget simply to assess the effectiveness of this advertising before you spend every last penny. # 10: Add the like button (plugin) to your site If the site has good traffic, the “Like” button placed on it will be one of the main sources of new subscribers to the page. Add a button (plugin) is very simple using the appropriate section on Facebook -, enter the address of your page on Facebook, edit the settings depending on how You want to see this plugin on the site, and click "Get Code". Find out where your subscribers come from, and develop this direction. Track traffic by creating short links, for example, bitly, which attract traffic to your page, and see if it provides you with many clicks.