How to effectively publish content in social media?

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4 stycznia 2019 10:33

How to create unique content for each social network in a single project, without fading or repeating. About this today. The larger the customer, the greater the likelihood that you will be faced with a situation where you need to create for one brand different content in each social network.


1# Consider the features of each social network

You can make playlists and share them with the audience. The same goes for polls. FB is difficult to promote content for free, but you can take into account the fact that users like to share content that shows them from the best side: great test results, smart research, etc.

2# Come up with a rubricator

Based on the features of social networks, make up a separate rubricator for each: use several general headings that would connect both profiles in the same style, but make sure that most of them do not repeat.

3# Introduce the user to all accounts.

Constantly give cross-references to accounts of the same project in different social networks. For example, in the story, you can give a link to the new post on FB. So your subscribers will see and understand that you have really different content everywhere and follow the project, too, will be everywhere.

4# Look at one content from different sides

If you need to make posts with one content in all social networks, look at the subject you are talking about from different angles. For example, you need to give an announcement about the event. One text should be short and capacious, in the other, you can add a speaker comment. At the end do not forget to invite to attend the event. Also, do not forget to juggle with the formats: video, photo, text on the same topic reveal it in different ways.


It’s almost impossible to keep one brand in different accounts, but it’s not necessary. The main thing is to learn the same content reformat.