How to do remarketing in Google AdWords?

21 stycznia 2019 13:14

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21 stycznia 2019 13:16

If you run an online store you’ve probably had this situation. People visit your site, browse specific products, but decide to leave without a purchase. How can you make the customer return to your website and make a purchase?

The answer is remarketing. Thanks to it, the message could reach selected recipients. This is very effective, especially when the audience is constantly flooded by numerous advertising messages, often unsuitable for their needs. How to use remarketing in Google campaigns? AdWords is the key.


1.    Get the remarketing AdWords code and paste it on your website

Log in your AdWords account and click “campaign’. Then select “Display Network only” option. Leave the marketing objectives option selected and check “Buy on your website”.


2.    Choose a campaign name, bid strategy, and daily budget.

Decide how large a geographic area you want to target. Click the “I’ll manually set my bids for clicks option”. This gives you more control.  Your daily budget is the maximum that Google is going to charge you per day. There are several ways to set rates for the targeting methods that you have selected. 


3.   Do the remarketing list

Go to the “Common Resources” section, then the “Audience and Remarketing List”. Remarketing lists are created based on user behavior. For example, they may be people who: viewed specific products, a product category, did some action (such as adding a product to the basket but did not buy it) That also can be people who already  made a purchase of the product, and we would like to interest them again (by our new promotion on similar products). 

Once you’ve created your remarketing lists, you’ll need to add it to your ad groups in campaigns so that you can show ads to the users.


4.   Create Ads

As Google Ads Help suggests: “To increase the range of placements where your ads may appear, add both text and image ads in as many ad sizes as possible.”  Consider a graphics creation, maintained in the colors of the page with a clearly visible website logo. Thanks to this, people will even quickly connect it to your company when they see it from the corner of their eyes. Of course, you can also run text ads and test both solutions as usual. Ad automatically adjusts its size, appearance and format to almost any free space for an ad. Depending on the site, they may take the form of a native advertising banner or dynamic text ad.  Also, do not forget about the strong and visible CTA which will encourage people to check your offer and click on the ad.


5.    Congratulations! - Your first remarketing campaign is ready :) 


Now, thanks to remarketing you are able to show your ads to people who:

•    Visited your home page at least once,

•    Visited the selected category,

•    Left the shopping basket,

•    Bought something from you some time ago,

•    Visited a special-purpose sub-website (such as a newsletter) but did not make the conversion action.