How to do marketing for the New Year?

11 grudnia 2018 13:00

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15 stycznia 2019 14:38

Days leading up to New Years celebrations are a great time to take advantage of the good mood people you are trying to reach are in. They are in festive spirits, eager to try new things and are generally optimistic. Take this opportunity and customize your marketing communication accordingly:

1# Send New Year’s emails Send best wishes to your customers. Make it sound genuine. Thank them for their participation as loyal users or customers. Don’t make it longer and don’t clutter your email with too much stuff. An email-only special deal will be a good conclusion to your message. To avoid it getting lost in the flood of emails from other companies, send it a few days earlier.

2# Add your website some holiday flare Change the layout of your site to reflect the occasion. Festive avatars and custom borders will attract the eyes and raise spirits. Don’t go overboard. Totally overhauled layout, unless you put a lot of effort and money into it, might feel rushed. You don’t want it looking cheesy and unprofessional. Giving exposure to New Year’s specific products will also serve in creating a holiday atmosphere, as well as boosting their sales.

3# Make your product a New Year’s resolution People want to improve themselves in the coming year. It won’t last long, but at least in January gym memberships, teaching services and diet books sell like cupcakes. Perhaps you’re offering a year-long subscription, software or some hobby items. Sell it as something new for your customers to try. Offer it at a discount. There is no better time to make people interested.

4# Develop your communication strategy Take a look back on your strategy. If you can improve and adjust it, the New Year is a natural time to do so, and your customers won’t be put off by a sudden change.

You can take advantage of omnipresent discounts to upgrade your software and crucial equipment. Just don’t get tricked by some other company’s marketing strategy into making a rushed decision.