How to do Keyword Research for SEO?

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2 stycznia 2019 11:18

When starting planning an SEO strategy, you should always analyze the website thoroughly. This is where we find information, which keywords best describe the services or products we offer. Before we start choosing keywords for positioning, it is worth determining what kinds of phrases we have to choose. When choosing the right keywords, you always have to think about how your products or services are looking for customers. It is us - entrepreneurs who need to adapt the website to the needs of our clients. At this stage, the question arises - how to choose the right keywords? The answer is very simple. All you need to do is think about what the need is for our product and what our potential customers care about most. You can consult current customers and friends on this topic. A good solution is to put yourself in the position of the client. Just take a moment to think about what we would type in looking for our product or service. If you are looking for running shoes in your favorite color - do you enter "shoes" or "black running shoes"? Once we have an outline of keywords for positioning (describing our offer), it is worth searching for our competition in the search for high positions in Google's results in the search results. Are you selling previously mentioned running shoes? Enter "running shoes" on Google and make a list of competing for online stores. Keyword analysis based on this list is a great source of knowledge. Many customers are wondering why they should be based on the keywords of the competition. Are you planning to implement a product that will also appear in the offer of other stores? Search for keywords now and plan your strategy. This can give you high positions before the competition starts working. Analysis of competition keywords is an absolute "must have" among the actions to be taken when planning a strategy and during periodic analysis of the visibility of our site. The choice of keywords at the beginning of the SEO activities will not give us success. The competition is constantly working and improving its methods of operation and the database of keywords it is positioned for.