How to do influencer marketing?

14 stycznia 2019 13:27

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14 stycznia 2019 13:28

Influencer marketing is now one of the fastest growing marketing strategies around the world. The power of it can be used both to improve the image of the brand and to increase the real sales. It can be pretty cheap but effective at the same time. How to start it?

Determine your purposes and goals

Why do you need influencers? Is it a part of a bigger brand strategy or just one individual marketing action? What do you want to achieve? Is it really a superior solution to your trade? If it is – the next step is to determine your goals. Sometimes Influencer marketing is difficult to measure. However, there are some good ways to do it. Pick your KPIs: reaching impressions, views or engagement? Or maybe increasing the followers and shares? Think about how to measure it and be consistent. 

Set a budget

It will really help to set realistic expectations from both influencers and the whole campaign itself. The biggest names in the industry have high rates fixed. By setting your budget first, you know how many influencers you can use in the campaign without resigning from any one of them. 

Do a good research 

The proper influencers who fits your brand and have a big audience are the perfect situation. Look for the influencers with analyzing the engagement he or she has. There are many fake influencers who just buy their fans and have a huge community without any engagement in their social media. If it is your first influencer marketing campaign, consider using some help from self-serve platforms or an influencer agency. They can really help you to set campaign and customize it to your expectations and budget. 

Pick the influencers and send them your offer

Put clear conditions and explain your expectations and what you can give them in return. Big influencers have people who negotiate for them, so you are dealing with professionals. 

Talk about the details

This is a significant moment. Say clearly what you expect and be open to influencer’s ideas. Remember: he knows his fans better. However, if you already have a campaign strategy, set the conditions clearly. Some influencers prefer freedom.

Now, when everything is bright and clear it’s time to start your campaign. Verify it up to date and optimize it when something isn’t working as good as you expected.