How to do better Facebook marketing?

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9 stycznia 2019 16:51

Internet marketing market is actively developing, and often marketers do not have time for its changes. Previously, most Facebook users simply did not notice that some of the publications in the news feed were advertisements, but today everyone is perfectly distinguished by news from advertising, and many are just annoyed by the fact that, as they think, marketers are invading their news feed.

See below 3 top tips for better Facebook marketing:


#1 Run the 5-10 minute video on Facebook Live

Facebook Live requires minimal effort and has the most consumed format - video. Last but not least, Facebook Live removes the wall between you and your audience, your potential customers see you “live”, which greatly adds credibility to you and your offer.


#2 Under the video - always paste a link to your blog

It should not be a short post, but a solid, serious article from 5,000 to 8,000 words. Most people (especially marketers) who use Facebook live, give a video link to their product that works better at this stage because it does not require the audience to perform any additional actions, builds trust and helps you to stand out.


#3 In a blog article, invite subscribers to your newsletter

To do this, a leader must visit a separate registration page and provide their name and email address. Although the two qualifying stages (Facebook Live and the blog) take a lot of time, whoever provides you with his contact details already knows who you are, he has already interacted with you and he liked your content.