How to Design a Marketing Survey?

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14 stycznia 2019 13:33

Well designed marketing survey can help you to improve your targeting and create proper campaigns what will have an impact on your potential customers. It also provides valuable insight into customer satisfaction factors, help to decide how to position new products and what kind of product your clients really need. How to design it properly and with future profits?


•    Clarify your goals 

Before any planning you must consider what results do you expect and what are you going to do after collecting information. What do you want to find out? It is important to have a clear goal in your mind.


•    Know your target market

You need to know what type of people you are targeting. Identify your customers, divide them into similar groups by a few parameters such as geographic regions or particular demographic.


•    Determine what do you want to investigate

That is why you should always have your goal in your mind. Clarify what type of information you want to get.


•    Determine what type of survey you should use

There are two categories of surveys: questionnaires and interviews. First ones are effective for obtaining answers to closed-ended questions, interviews allow the respondent to describe his answers more clearly. They are also more time-consuming.


•    Prepare the list of question

Decide what questions can help you achieve your goals best. They should be pointed and specific.


•    Target the right audience

Consider how niche your audience is and identify your respondents. You must be sure that you have a suitable sample size.


•    Decide your margin of error

Define the degree of your confidence that respondents’ answers match the perforations of the entire population that fit your criteria.


•    Set timelines

For an online survey, the proper timeline would be the time period that your respondents can complete the survey.


•    Use the right tools to collect and analyze data

The most important part is to analyze your data properly having in mind your goals. You can use some tools that can help you with both collecting and analyzing your information. 


No matter what do you expect, marketing surveys can improve your understanding about customers and the market. Now you can get quality data easily and really fast.