How to delete a Facebook account?

11 stycznia 2019 16:37

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11 stycznia 2019 16:38

It should start with the fact that the account can not only be deleted but disconnected. Deactivating a Facebook account is just blocking it with the ability to return at any time. If you deactivate, you will not be able to find your account in the service and information from your chronicle, however, the sent messages will still be visible to the recipients. If you intend to complete the deletion of an account on the FB, then you will not be able to access it again, and all data will be deleted once and for all, although the network rules warn that “Copies of some materials (for example, log files) can be stored on servers for technical reasons. " Unfortunately, what kind of data this is is not exactly known, and the range of interpretation of this position can be very wide.

Deleting an account from Facebook is time - consuming. You must log in to your account, and then go to this address - a message will appear as in the attached screenshot. After confirming your readiness to delete the account, you must confirm the decision with a password and enter the captcha and confirm the deletion of your Facebook account again. After these actions, you will have a few days “trial period”. At this time, you will receive a reminder in the mail that your account will be completely deleted. If you re-enter it, this process will be interrupted. However, if you ignore the emails, the account will not disappear for fourteen days, the content will also be deleted, but the previously transmitted messages will still be with the recipients. Removing your published content from Facebook servers will take longer - up to 90 days.