How to deal with negative customer reviews in Social Media?

16 stycznia 2019 09:45

It is our dream – all customers are satisfied with the products and services we provide; they write to us public comments expressing their enthusiasm and share satisfaction. However, it is almost impossible! We do not know when – but we get negative feedback from our customers – with real problems or just from haters to provoke us. 

Does the main question be what to do with those negative comments? The first and the main rule is not to ignore or delete! Ignorance or deleting can be accepted as disrespect and then the author may become crazy and share with public negative comments not only on the service but on the company's behavior. So what you have to do is to answer as quickly as possible on the appeared comment.

If you receive feedback with complaining about a product say thank to the sharing this opinion and write an apology. When you start your answer from this you show that you appreciate customers opinion. Apart from the public response, it is a good idea to answer privately. The person will be thankful for the private conversation and will take it personally. Private conversations let you know more about the problem and make the negative experience more detailed. 

The important thing is to ask how you can help with the problem that appeared. You can ask the client about his solution that he wants to receive. After that emphasize that you are in the process of solving this problem and that you do your best to improve it.

The last comment: be careful with haters! They can write in a sarcastic way and joke about your company or product and provoke you so these answers have to be very smart. Maybe at one point, it is better to stop answering because such people really exist in social media.