How to deal with negative comments on the website?

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3 stycznia 2019 14:56

Anyone who runs a business online knows exactly how important consumer opinions are. There is no escape on the Internet. What really counts, however, is not how much criticism flows on the company, but how the company reacts to criticism. 

You have received a notification or email. You expected the praise, and it turns out that it is something completely different. First, you want to delete it, hide it, report it. Do anything to make it disappear. What is the best way out of this situation? First of all, read the exact statement that appeared. Under the influence of emotions, you can not quite understand its meaning and respond in a way that can exacerbate the situation. Then:


Thank for the opinion

Most opinions can improve the quality of your work. In the speech, find the suggestion of changes that you can make and correct what does not work as it should. If you need more time to answer, please inform the interlocutor.

Take criticism and apologize

It is understood that sometimes it is difficult to admit to a mistake, but the word "sorry" can work miracles. Of course, the allegations are not always right, so in that case, you can write that you are sorry about the situation.

Suggest a solution

Most often negative opinions appear, among others from the powerlessness of people who are looking for a way to solve his problem. You do not have to propose solutions in public. You can ask for a private message, especially if you need additional information or sensitive data. If possible, try to reward your guilt.


Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone can admit them. Try to deal with negative opinions, answer clearly and objectively. Remember not to take criticism as an attack. Draw conclusions from it and improve your website's activities.