How to create sales funnel?

21 stycznia 2019 14:19

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21 stycznia 2019 14:20

To build a funnel, you need to focus on your business process. The business process refers to the actions of the business unit, which are aimed at generating revenue.

Build sales funnel without a CRM-system, most likely, will not succeed. That is, of course, you can put a lot of effort into collecting the necessary information from all available sources, and still do it. But with such energy consumption, using this tool on a regular basis will be extremely problematic. In the end, you give up this idea, continue to sell on a whim and lose revenue.

Remember, a funnel is the best way to understand how things are really going. Therefore, if you are still serious, you will have to build it. And not one, and not even once a month. So after the formalization of business processes, you must immediately take up the “transfer” of all stages of the transaction in CRM. As a result, you should get something similar to the figure below, but only with details on the main indicators.

With the right settings, CRM will allow you to build and then unload the “picture” of the funnel, which is already a lot. Even with a simple visual inspection, you can diagnose certain problems. You will see “narrow” places, disproportionately long stages, perhaps even extra stages, etc.

The main stages of the sales funnel are entirely dependent on your business processes in the company. To compose it, I recommend to go the way of the client independently and look at the stages of the sales funnel from the inside.


After the initial "inspection" we analyze the main indicators:

1/ input - the number of leads;

2/ output results - the number of payments;

3/ total conversion;

4/ conversion between stages;

5/ length - the number of days spent in closing the transaction;

6/ the length of each stage is the number of days spent on intermediate actions.


The sales funnel is a basic marketer tool. It allows you to monitor the sales process, find out at what stage the adjustment is required, and determine the effectiveness of the manager. A marketing funnel coupled with a CRM system is a turnkey solution for increasing customers and increasing profits.