How to create privacy policy for the website?

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9 stycznia 2019 10:52


9 stycznia 2019 10:33

For each site, you need to create a privacy policy. This is a standard document, which indicates the main points related to the process of collecting information about visitors to the site. The privacy policy should be listed on each page of the site as a link to a document that should be written in simple language so that everyone can understand it. Such a document will protect you from various types of legal liability. Remember about basic rules while creating privacy policy:


1. The text should be written in simple language, do not use complex words and terms.

2. The text should be short. You do not want a person to spend half a day to sort out the document? Everything must be stated briefly and clearly. List only the most important information that readers need in order to understand their rights. They need to know what you do with their information.

3. Do not hide anything. List all aspects of your privacy policy. All visitors to your site should know what you will do with their personal information. After reading the privacy policy, they agree with it, so you are relieved of any responsibility for the use of their information. Therefore, specify everything with the greatest possible accuracy and do not hide anything.

4. Visit other sites. If you do not know what you need to specify in the privacy policy document, you can visit other sites and read what they indicate in their documents. If you find items that apply to your site, you can specify them in your privacy policy by slightly changing the language and rearranging the words in order not to completely copy someone else's text. It should be easy for users to find a document with a privacy policy.


If there is any form of data collection on your site - feedback, subscription to a newsletter, registration or personal account, this is considered personal data processing. In this case, you must obtain consent to the processing of personal data and post a link to your policy regarding the processing of personal data so that the person can read it, agree with it and only after that inform you of your data.