How to create marketing objectives for the New Year?

22 stycznia 2019 14:09

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22 stycznia 2019 14:12

The New Year is a great moment to redesign or improve marketing strategy. But early prepared plan and the allocation of sufficient time for planning marketing campaigns and milestones will help you not only to succeed but also to allocate resources and identify possible shortcomings.

Delaying with the preparation of the plan, you risk to form unrealistic expectations, set goals for the team that does not coincide with the goals of the company, and get a situation where, instead of focusing on product quality, the marketing team will have to finish half-hearted material in a hectic rush.

Even if you intend to use Agile methodologies, you need to plan ahead for next year. Let's see what needs to be done to develop a comprehensive action plan for the New Year:

1. Repeat the lessons learned this year.

Before you begin planning for the future, you need to learn from the mistakes of the past. Before you start planning tasks for the team, remember the past year and previous years. Understand what was done well and what was not, to avoid past mistakes and repeat success.

2. Define your goals ... and stick to them.

A recent study showed that only 23% of companies exceed profit targets, and of the remaining 74% do not even know how many visits they need, potential customers and qualified leads (MQL) or sales opportunities.

3. Rate resources

Having defined goals for the next year, it’s time to check what resources you have and what other resources you will need to achieve your goals.

4. Make a calendar

To make it easier to implement ideas and plans, you can make a schedule of all the department's work - from mailing lists and holding conferences to creating content for the blog.

Lack of a plan is equivalent to a lack of results, so tune in to success and start the New Year on a good note.