How to create marketing editorial calendar?

22 stycznia 2019 14:07

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22 stycznia 2019 14:08

The marketing calendar is a simple document that covers the dates on which any marketing activities are scheduled.

First, all the activities and tasks should be reflected in the preliminary marketing plan, and then distributed to the daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal calendar tables. Such a calendar is especially effective when marketing activity during the holidays. Planning ahead and thinking about actions guarantees that your ad will work when people buy gifts and food. Marketing calendars are usually used by entire departments and help create a comprehensive marketing strategy. So how do you create a marketing calendar?

- Write a marketing plan for the year. Most large and small companies need, first of all, to identify those marketing strategies that will be used throughout the year. Although strategies may change, the plan as a whole should reflect the company's desire to establish contacts with customers, increase market share and produce marketing material.

- List all your marketing strategies. As the plan details and the detailed description of a specific project, reflect in your plan the dates and times of meetings, the launch of marketing activities and the collection of results for this project. You need, for example, to determine and reflect whether this event will be repeated weekly, every season or annually, so that the person making your marketing plan knows such details.

- The list should include all areas of your marketing activity, such as: email - distribution, preparation of articles, referral program, affiliate marketing program, blogging, updating information on social networks, pay for clicks, preparation of podcasts and videos, press releases, partnerships, events, social / trade events, holiday promotions, preparation of printed advertising material.

- Identify those responsible for each marketing event. This may not be one person, but two or more. If you have not delegated your marketing plan to someone else, then initiate the meeting in order to determine who will plan, justify, execute and verify the results of each marketing event.