How to create marketing case study?

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2 stycznia 2019 14:53

A marketing case study is an effective method for acquiring sales leads and, as a result, clients. The descriptions of your activities and the results achieved are a great way to gain new clients, become an expert or up-selling. A well-written case study creates the image of a professional company and business partner who is worth cooperating with. How to write a good marketing case study that will give real results? #1 Be authentic The first and most important rule. All the examples you describe must be true. The unreal stories can be verified, and then instead of the status of an expert, you will become a liar. #2 Prepare properly Collect interesting cases that you could analyze and think about your goals. Which of the examples will help you achieve these goals? Choose not only the most spectacular activities but all those that could bring real effects. #3 Create a plan Every good case study must consist of a few basic elements: background/introduction to the situation (company and market situation), defining a problem or need, an example of the applied actions together with arguments, and final effect. The result must be specific and visible immediately. Results in numbers are the best. #3 Tell a story Remind yourself the rules of storytelling and create the most personal story, which is not only an interesting example but also can bring some emotions. This is a guarantee that your case study will be remembered for a long time. #4 Do not forget about editing the text Well-formatted text with specifically visible headlines, good division into paragraphs, appropriate photos and graphics (and maybe even infographics) will make the case study not only interesting but also convenient to read. It’s best to read the whole finished text aloud and correct it to be as dynamic as possible.