How to create effective Call-To-Action?

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7 stycznia 2019 15:45

In a broad sense, call to action (CTA) means all the elements that encourage the visitor to purchase a product or service, although most often it’s about order buttons. Texts, images, banners and other elements of the site can “call upon”: everything depends on the marketer’s fantasy and the subject matter of the resource. The main goal of CTA is to help the visitor to make a decision about purchasing, downloading, registering or subscribing.


How does the formation of a call to action begin?

Remember the emotions when you met an obsessive "seller"? You are unlikely to return to it, even if you really need his product. Quality service cannot be imagined without combining the seller’s level of expertise with the right and timely offer to the customer. Quite often, the owners of online stores line up the entire structure of the sales funnel, so if the customer came to the main page. In fact, many visitors can start exploring a resource directly from the category page or even from a blog article. This should be taken into account when thinking about the entry points to the site and taking into account valuable user actions.


Step 1: Survey

To create the most attractive CTA triggers, you need to know exactly how your target segment thinks and acts in cases involving obsessive behavior. This is easy to guess, especially if you consider yourself to be the type of users you are going to influence. But, like most assumptions, your hypothesis may be wrong.


Step 2: find your market

Once you are done with the formulation of questions and the search for additional incentives, it's time to interview your target audience. If the users you are interested in are easy to find physically, try to just go and interview as many people as possible. If you have contacts that have a lot of weight in your target audience, try acting through them.


Step 3: Complete Your Details

When you have collected the answers and made a general idea about the behavior of your target audience, you can use it as an additional context for creating Call-to-Action on your website.


I focused only on the broad meaning of CTA building, there is also the article about the CTA button building and I encourage you to see my answer as well.