How to create a pillar page?

22 stycznia 2019 14:01

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22 stycznia 2019 14:06

Pillar Page is a one-page site where all information about the company and its products is located. Usually, with the help of such sites are selling one product or product in one direction. For small firms and individual entrepreneurs, this is an ideal way to develop and promote your own business.

Since it is well suited for advertising campaigns and promotions because the web page with an attractive design and understandable presentation of information has a high conversion when compared with regular sites.

The need to create a Pillar Page may arise from the company for various reasons - starting with the registration of the purchase and ending with the ordering of free information. As soon as you have a specific goal and you understand your market, you can create, test and optimize pages that will help you best achieve your goals.

Pillar Page is directly related to the advertising campaign. It can repeat her language and use the same images. And when a visitor gets to this page, you can direct him exactly the way you want. This experience is for the user more holistic, comfortable and understandable. Pillar Pages exist in order to capture and hold the attention of visitors in a way that an ordinary home page cannot do. They attract attention precisely to the information to which you want, instead of leaving the visitor alone with a bunch of information on the main page.