How to create a great company Facebook page?

2 stycznia 2019 11:43

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2 stycznia 2019 11:44

When a company makes its first steps on Facebook, inexperienced users of Facebook must remember to create a page for it, not an individual user profile. A website, or the English fan page, allows for having an unlimited number of fans, creating ads and accessing detailed statistics. An individual account does not provide such opportunities. So, one by one, how to create and run a legitimate company website on FB. Select a page category To get started, enter the name of your page and select one of the six main categories (each of them has its own subcategories). Depending on the category you choose, you get access to different functions. The Facebook Help Center provides a handy table listing the features available for each category. Add company information If you are creating a Facebook page for the first time, you will be accompanied by Assistant prompts. If you select the category “Local company or Place”, you can more accurately determine the category, add a description, the site address and the unique web address of your Facebook page. You will also have to confirm that your company really exists, and that you have rights to create its page. Add a call to action button Next to the like button is a call to action button. It can be configured in different ways: Book, Contact us, Use the app, Play, Buy, Subscribe, Watch the video. Each of these actions can refer to a specific URL where the action will be completed. To attract customers, you must be present on this social network. This can be done using your company page. You can create high-quality content and run ads. But there is something that is done for free and without much effort.