How to create a chatbot conversation flow?

21 stycznia 2019 14:21

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21 stycznia 2019 14:26

Chatbots, which you will find in instant messengers, consist of elements: lists, messages, buttons, etc., which together form a decision tree. You need a structure that does not annoy the user in action and reacts appropriately to the messages you type. 

See our tips on how to create chatbot conversation flow:


1. Do not lie to the user

Do not pretend that users are chatting with real people. Chatbots should be helpful as much as they can but keep their characteristics.

2. Consider human emotions

It’s boring to talk with an unfeeling robot. This can be effective from a business point of view, but for the user, it is not interesting - and he will not return to this interaction. This is not what we are used to.

3. Mark borders

We are used to the fact that websites, applications, and physical devices have some limitations - for example, by the width of the pages, the number of buttons that the user can press, and so on. We are all familiar with these limitations. However, the length of the dialogue has no limitations, only if you do not install them. 

4. Fill every interaction with meaning

It is important to eliminate unnecessary noise - the longer the dialogue, the more difficult it will be for the user to focus on his subject. Talking with a bot is not the only thing a user needs, so focus on achieving a goal. 

5. Determine the mood of the user and use it for their own purposes.

The conversation is filled with more emotions than the interface of another type. Even if they do not want to give feedback, their actions will speak for themselves. Use this knowledge to improve your user experience.