How to conduct A/B testing?

2 stycznia 2019 14:55

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2 stycznia 2019 14:57

AB testing (also known as split-testing) is officially defined as “comparing two versions of a webpage to see which one performs better.” An AB test is currently a very simple method for testing different ways to improve any website and generate more conversions. When your purpose is to bring income and sales, it is worth testing elements such as call-to-action buttons, text and headlines, ways of product presentation, size and arrangement of elements and photos, colors, benefit, and feature lists, and language style. There are several rules that should be followed while doing AB testing: 1/ Do not assume anything: Things that you think will work, or just what works for you, will not necessarily affect your clients. Don’t try to predict the outcome, just focus on what this result can give you. 2/ Think about your specific goals: If your website is already existing for a while and you have a low conversion rate, think about the reason for this situation. What can and should be changed and tested with the AB test? 3/ Prepare two variants of the page: Remember that in order for the test work out correctly, the pages must differ in only one element that you are currently testing. 4/ Select the target group on which you will be testing: It’s best to do it on a new audience that has never seen your site before. 5/ Choose the source of traffic from which you will direct users: Google ads, Facebook, mailing, etc. 6/ Start the test: Remember that all elements (target group, sources, etc.) should be the same for both versions of the page. Only performing tests on the same conditions will give reliable results. 7/ Do not finish too fast: Even if the winner is visible immediately, do not finish the test too quickly. Without having a predetermined sample size, there is always a chance that the results will change at the last moment.