How to choose a chatbot logo?

22 stycznia 2019 13:51

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22 stycznia 2019 13:59

A chatbot is a powerful tool that helps to manage communication any time when your support is not available online or with any customers that can't wait for the answer. It's used also as a new way of answering typical questions, except publishing standard the FAQ documents on the website.

If you want to become your chatbot more user-friendly it's necessary to add personalization to this which means deciding how to name your chatbot and selecting its logo. 

How to choose the chatbot logo?

1. Define the goal. Write down what a chat bot should do online: help you manage a company or accompany a customer through a sales funnel. After that, clearly indicate the list of functions within the chosen direction. It is on the thoroughness of the study of this stage that all further work depends. Think of a portrait of a person who will communicate with the robot, including phrases that he can say.

2. Select a site. The one where your customers are located. If you have registered a portrait of the client, then you know exactly where he prefers to communicate with you.

3. Choose a creation method. There are only 2 of them: the creation from scratch and with the help of special services. 

4. Configure and run the robot. Write down the algorithm of its actions, download the database with answers and test the work of the chat bot. Grind everything before showing your creation to potential customers.