How to build mailing list?

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19 grudnia 2018 12:10

The mailing list is a valuable asset for any business. It allows you to communicate with customers, encourage repeat business and quickly send information to thousands of people. Although creating an email list takes time, you can develop and double your list within a few months of learning how to ask people to provide their email addresses. Here are some ways to help you integrate email marketing into a website and stay in touch with potential customers: Free materials. One of the most effective methods for building a mailing database is to provide users with downloadable materials in exchange for providing an e-mail address. In this way, you can create special materials, such as guides, e-books, reports, tips or articles-counting, for example, 5 rules that increase the effectiveness of e-mails. Offered materials will be available only to people who will provide an e-mail address. It is a fair exchange. You offer attractive, valuable materials to your recipients, and the user rewards you with his e-mail address in return for your work and contribution. Discount, free, gadget A similar technique to the above, however, the user receives a bonus in exchange for providing an e-mail address. The recipient leaves you his address, and you can offer him all kinds of bonuses. With an online store, you offer free delivery, a discount coupon for another product or an advertising gadget for free. Contact form. If you have your own online store, the user must provide an e-mail address when creating an account in the store or when ordering. This is a great opportunity to use this address for e-mail marketing purposes. All you need to do is place a field with the appropriate information (see the above sub-clause "Consent to data processing"). A similar scheme of activities for building a mailing database can be used in all types of contact forms that you have on your own website. Competitions. The next method for successful building of a mailing database is organizing contests. For example, you can create a contest that every twentieth person will receive free (see item 4). If it is worth paying attention for free, there are certainly potential users who want to take part in the game. You can also make a similar contest publicize on social media. It may consist, for example, in providing an e-mail address and liking your profile. Similarly to the above, everyone wins, receiving a bonus from you. Presentation of an example message. You can also increase the chance of leaving your e-mail address by presenting a newsletter to a potential subscriber. Thanks to this, he will have an overview of what content he can expect and what you send in the mailing campaign. In this way, you will eliminate signing in by people who are accidental or those who will not be interested in the newsletter. If the recipient is interested in your demo, he will certainly sign up and you will gain a valuable subscriber. Making forms into the content of the page. Building a mailing base can be based on placing short forms in the content of your website. Two fields (name, e-mail address) and a short, encouraging message are enough to allow the recipient to be tempted. Trust content marketing. Content marketing can also be used to increase the chances of successfully building a mailing database - You can reach people who have already shown interest in your opinion. Some marketing newsletter service providers offer specific blog plugins that allow you to add subscription features to your newsletter quickly and easily.