How to brand your business?

11 grudnia 2018 10:49

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15 stycznia 2019 14:43

Creating branding is one of the most responsible tasks in the life of a marketer. It stays with the company for a long period of time and it needs to cover three main business pillars:


1. Purpose. Why did you create your business? What’s its functional purpose?

2. Emotional impact. It needs to remind emotions that help customer trust your company.

3. Consistency. Working on branding is a large project so we recommend to split it by steps:

#1 Define your brand and business objectives. What’s your business promise? You need to know what are your company objectives and how your brand should be designed to be aligned with your goals. What do you expect that your brand does for a company? And from the other side - what your audience should know and say about your company, products or services?

#2 Get to know your clients. It’s very probable that you have a feeling who is your client but if you want to provide him with personalized communication, you need to know your company personas. Don’t treat your audience like just a group of anonymous users. Ask yourself questions: Where your clients come from? How old they are? What are their occupations? What are their hobbies? What do they like?

#3 Define your business image. Create your logo and tagline (slogan), that shows your company mission. Even though you are a small company, write your brand book that will contain all acceptable variations of your logo use, your brand colors, fonts, etc.

#4 Apply it to your business and be consequent. Whether it’s official communication with your clients or social media posts, be consequent and remember what do you want to achieve with your brand message.


Remember to educate about your brand your coworkers so they know what’s your brand goals and keep the communication style in harmony with settled your objectives.