How to become more credible for customers?

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28 grudnia 2018 16:59

The credibility of the communicator (who sells the goods, arousing the spirit of the employees, persuading to vote for the party) is a key element of the influence. The listener must be convinced that the influenced person is a professional and an honest man. 1# Integrity Be ethical, obey the rules of law, and customs adopted in a given society (professional, social and religious group). Follow the procedures, but do not present the official attitude. 2# Manners Meet and follow the rules of savoir-vivre. Use of courtesy, commitment, respect and partnership for and for each client. Be nice regardless of your mood. Knowledge of the principles of welcoming and behaving among people of higher status, the ability to adapt their way of being to different environments, is a significant ability to sell, gain an advantage over others. 3# Personality Shape your personality consciously throughout your life. The ability to talk on many topics, vast horizons, openness to the world are the qualities of a good salesman. This is not only important in the context of the salesperson's work, but in our life in general. You never know what topic the conversation will come down. I remember how at a meeting with the president of a large company I noticed a very nice room in which we talked with the client. There were copies of Impressionist paintings on the walls, so before we went to business, we had a chat about Monet, Van Gogh, and Renoir. It is good to have broad horizons, to know about history, sport, politics, art or music. 4#Apperance To look good is art. The ability to choose the right cut for yourself, no mistakes in the color selection of your wardrobe suited to our type of color, which determines the color analysis. An external image is the whole field of knowledge. Like details, but significant details. Therefore, remember that the principle how they see us so much about us is timeless, and the effect of the first impression can be achieved only once. There is a saying that we have good contact with another human being when we are able to look at reality from his point of view. Check it out in practice and notice how much you can gain together when you apply the above rules.