How to become a thought leader?

11 grudnia 2018 10:59

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15 stycznia 2019 15:00

Strong leadership is an essential factor both for your team and entire company to achieve success. Thought leaders know how to make hard decisions, inspire teams, be an example for others, and not everyone can work under so big pressure. But the best about working on leadership is that it has a direct impact on your entire life and transform you as a person overall. How to start being a thought leader?

#1 Love what you do As a thought leader, you will not only speak but also write, teach, record videos or host meetings. If you want to do this for years and be authentic you need to believe in the topic you are working on, and simply love it. There’s nothing worse than working with people that hate their job so don’t do it for your coworkers.

#2 Become an expert Anyone is a good leader without work experience. You need to be able to cross your comfort zone. From the other side, you need to become an authority in the topic that you manage. Show to your colleagues that you are able to help or advice on their problems, be a mentor and gain trust.

#3 Keep promises Do what you say so people know they can count on you. If you want to demand from others, start from yourself. Remember that nothing kills your credibility quicker than a breached promise.

#4 Treat your team as you expect them to treat customers Whether you are aware or not, people are watching you and take an example from your approach. You need to become a master in the art of communication and learn to listen. It’s more difficult than you think - leaders used to have fully scheduled calendars so finding time on the real conversation with coworkers is not that easy.