How to become a great storyteller?

19 grudnia 2018 15:15


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19 grudnia 2018 15:18

The first thing you start with is realizing the fact that you are a Storyteller, but not an Inventor. You have to tell a story to your readers and not create it. It is important to be honest while writing the text and present the brand, the products, and services in the best way. When the target group is clearly defined – think what they want to read about. Do think twice what kind of information catches their attention and forces them to read until the last sentence. What is even more important is that reading the story must become a motive to act. The reader has to be assured that this company is the best on the market without any doubts. By telling the story, you build the trust. It is senseless to present information that is well-known and repeat it – the story is a new message, rethinking, introducing brand experience in a new light. The information you present has to be absolutely new and fresh; the story never appears two times – it is a unique material. It is worth telling in an understandable and powerful language why you exist as a business and what for; what are the products and services and why they should work for customers. Show them – why the win buying what you propose. The core of the story is what will be attracted to the readers and that is strongly connected to the needs and interests of your target group. Readers may appear in your stories as characters and due to this reflection, they will be more inspired and motivated to DO. As a storyteller, you play the role of Harry Potter with a magic wand that turns the simple set of sentences into the catching story that makes to act.