How to become a content writer?

7 stycznia 2019 15:24

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7 stycznia 2019 15:38

Writing art is the ability to clothe human experience in literary form. Writing is a special craft that requires adherence to various techniques and canons. In order to succeed in various fields of this art, such as writing scientific, journalistic, technical or artistic works, usually but not always, it is required to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in philology, literature or journalism.

1. Decide what you want to write. Writing content for companies is not as fascinating as creating poetry or novels. Writing content is more business activity than art so you have to decide if it's really for you. 

2. Choose a convenient work schedule. Determine the time of day, place and environment in which you will be comfortable writing. After you determine your routine, the creative part of your nature will gradually adapt to working in these conditions.

3. Read and learn. Re-read favorite works and analyze them. Find out what other, more experienced content writers do well. Try to understand the structure of their best texts or follow Internet forums dedicated for people working in this field. 

4. Become an explorer. Notice the smallest details in the surrounding world. Take a look around. Find riddles for yourself and try to solve them. If you have questions, look for answers with intrusive interest.


Writing is a rather common thing but still, you need to practice. Practice and listen to your customers, pay attention to their feedback and don't be afraid to delete and write your texts all over again. Although beginning may be challenging, being a content writer is an interesting job.