How to become a better leader?

28 grudnia 2018 16:54


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28 grudnia 2018 16:56

Real leadership is a forgotten art. Leaders do not have to lead us to a place, because the purpose of the journey is different - it is about understanding and perfecting our self. In a world marked by uncertainty, leadership is basically an act of love. 1# Make others feel free to speak Often, leaders intimidate colleagues with their position and strength when they enter the room. The best leaders distract each other and encourage others to express opinions. They are experts in making employees feel comfortable, confident and willing to present their points of view. 2# Make decisions Effective leaders are decision-making experts. Either they facilitate dialogue, to support their colleagues in reaching strategic conclusions, or they do it themselves. They focus on making "something happen" all the time - making decisions about acting. The best leaders do not waste time on matters that disrupt the dynamics of development. They can take 30 decisions in 30 minutes. 3# Motivate people to think The best leaders understand the attitude and capabilities of employees, and they can also identify areas in which they can develop. They use this knowledge to motivate their teams and encourage them to reach for more. Such leaders do not allow employees to feel excessively comfortable, because it could inhibit their development. 4# Evaluate and reward work The best leaders are strongly focused on the business attitude and people who do their best. They not only pay attention to the numbers and effectiveness of action but are also aware of hard work and commitment (regardless of the result). The best leaders never accept consistent work for granted and are aware that they must be rewarded. 5# Solve problems Good leaders face problems with a raised head and know how to get to the heart of the matter. They do not postpone, thanks to which they become proficient in solving problems. They learn not to avoid uncomfortable circumstances. Breaking through life is about doing things that others do not like doing. We get to know good leaders when we work with them, but usually, we can not fully determine what makes their leadership effectiveness. A good team leader is distinguished by a dynamic personality that combines many features and skills from various fields.