How to Be Persuasive with Customers?

2 stycznia 2019 10:52

Customers do not make purchases by looking at the features of products. They make decisions because of the advantages they can see in them. Unfortunately, a significant part of the sellers and marketers is not focused on customers but on products. So how to communicate with your clients and persuade them to buy? 1. Turn each feature into a potential advantage for different clients Consider what groups of customers are looking for a product you sell. Other functionalities will convince the mother of three children and others will reach students, right? 2. Personalize messages Don’t use the same advertising messages for every human being. Try to find something outstanding in them, so it will be easier to reach them. Talk to people with their own language, not some prepared definitions. 3. Speak directly to the customer Remember that the customer is more significant than the product. Without him, there would be no product at all. 4. Use a simple, understandable language Short, uncomplicated and clear messages sell best. The most effective well-known copies and taglines are simple and concise. The result? Everyone remembers them(such as Nike and “Just to it”). 5. Avoid big words Do not use such words as best, newest, wonderful, perfect and other “big”, meaningless adjectives. Your job is to convince your customers that the product is the best, but they have to admit it themselves. 6. Admit you were wrong or don’t have the knowledge Don’t makeup solutions and don’t lie. First of all, usually people can see it. Secondly, customers will be able to verify most things eventually. People usually trust those who openly admit their lack of knowledge and are able to believe them much more. 7. What if the customer disagree? Prepare earlier by making a list of potential objections and questions from customers and try to answer them. An unprepared seller can kill any transaction.