How to be persistent in sales without annoying your prospects?

31 stycznia 2019 16:44

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31 stycznia 2019 16:45

Being a good seller is a hard and long way. To achieve this, you need to follow some important advice. Here are some tips how to Be Persistent in Sales Without Annoying Your Prospects.

1. Become a leader in your niche
Imagine you are choosing a new phone. What would you prefer: models from a well-known manufacturer or mobile of unknown origin? I think the answer is obvious. Even if an unknown company offers a similar model cheaper / more functional / more beautiful, it is unlikely that you will risk.

2. Be a reliable support
If you want sales to go well, you should do more than just sell. Be a person to your customers, to whom they will go with questions even after closing the sale. Change your status in their eyes from an ordinary seller of a product, product or service to a solution provider for their problems. After all, in the end, we make every purchase in order to solve a problem or satisfy a desire. Help your customers reach the goal.

3. Use sales scripts wisely
Scripts are the most controversial thing in the sales world. Someone strongly advises to use them and promises a drop in sales below zero, if you do not implement scripts right today. Others, on the contrary, pounding themselves in the chest, recommends abandoning this once and for all. They say that customers immediately feel that they are being told from a template, and leave the conversation.

Do you agree that all these strategies were already familiar to you? Maybe you did not read about them, but you intuitively felt that it was so correct. And now, when I convinced you that your intuition did not let you down, you can safely implement them :) I am sure the results will convince you even more.