How to be more effective?

11 grudnia 2018 10:56

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15 stycznia 2019 14:59

We are constantly surrounded by distractions and it has a huge impact on our productivity. Rescheduling always the same tasks, beginning too many things and not finishing… most people face it at some point in their lives. But what, if university career or professional life requires constant engagement?


Here you can find 3 easy to implement tips on how to increase effectiveness and we promise, none of them is to work more.

#1 Define your objectives Simply be honest with yourself. Think about what you do well and when do you waste most of your time and energy. What do you need to fix in your behavior? Define what is your aim and keep it in mind at any time when you feel lost. Think about people or characters that you admire: can you imagine Usain Bolt, the fastest runner on the world, beating his records without everyday hard work? Or Steve Jobs, sitting in his first garage-office and playing computer games instead of creating Apple?

#2 Plan your day Sometimes we can’t be effective because we have so many things to do that we don’t have a clue where to start. The simplest and best working idea is to create a todo list and this time, basically, work with this. How? List all your tasks in one place. If you have some post-its on a desktop, several tasks in OneNote and bunch of outdated somewhere in Google calendar, it’s never gonna work. Keep one simple list, mark your priorities and have it in an easily accessible place.

#3 Relax, but this time for real. The best what you can do for your creativity and productivity is having a rest. But without being constantly online, without scrolling facebook or watching tv and messaging with a friend at the same time. Let your brain relax. It might sound like a truism but do you remember when was the last time you were just lying on a couch or enjoying a tasty meal without distractors? Give yourself a break from the world, it’s natural medicine for your effectiveness!