How to be creative marketer?

9 stycznia 2019 16:44

Is there a daytime that works best for creativity?

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9 stycznia 2019 16:46

The human brain is much more complicated than the most powerful computer. We do not think about how we think. We think. And that's it. It's so easy to think about something. Especially if nothing distracts from thoughts. And we do not notice how our body itself begins to choose the best time in the day for reflection.

Sometimes ideas arise in the soul. Sometimes in a dream. It happens that a brilliant idea catches up for morning coffee. Or in the evening at dinner. Why? And is it possible to predict this moment?


Why the morning of this evening is wiser?

First, a little theory. Creative thinking begins to work in the prefrontal cortex just before waking up and in the first hour after. A neurological storm is coming, and routes and connections are determined in the hemispheres. In 2013, researchers analyzed MRI images of a resting brain in the morning and evening. In the morning, they found two-way communication in the central areas of the temporal lobes, meaning that the mind creates connections, creating new routes to search for ideas. In the evening shots, there were apparent connections between the frontal and parietal areas of the brain, that is, the mind was busy retrieving memories, rather than generating new ideas. It would seem that the answer is one - you need to do creative activities in the morning. But not everything is so simple.


Ideas in the soul or the paradox of fatigue

At the same time, scientists have discovered a mystery: when your cognitive functions are reduced, and you cannot think clearly, new ideas are born in your head. Harvard researcher Shelley Carson has studied this paradoxical phenomenon for many years. Everyone believes that ideas are taken thanks to the ability to concentrate, but it seems excellent ideas can appear at any moment! :)