How to avoid burnout at work?

28 grudnia 2018 16:52


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28 grudnia 2018 16:53

The phenomenon of occupational burnout is getting wider and wider. Burnout as a psychological stress syndrome spreads like a fire. It leads not only to exacerbation but also destroys personal relationships, causes fatigue, anxiety and even leads to depression. How to prevent occupational burnout? Set clear boundaries If you always try to perform all the tasks at the highest level and be as efficient as possible, you may be burned out. Remember that doing anything wrong is worse than refusing to do the task in advance. The art of assertiveness is a useful skill in defining your borders while respecting the rights of others. Be convinced about your own effectiveness Our own effectiveness can be understood as our own ability to personally accomplish goals and tasks. If you want to reinforce the conviction that you can act effectively, start formulating positive statements about yourself, create helpful habits in thinking or try to play the role of a person who can cope with any situation. Take care of your development Although a career change at a mature age can be difficult, it can sometimes be beneficial. On the other hand, think about opportunities to grow outside the workplace. By developing your hobby and interests outside the office, you will feel happier and more fulfilled. Be aware of your life goal and remember to update your skills. Take breaks It is extremely difficult to control stress at work, just sit back and relax in a situation where you have the feeling that there is still so much to do. If you work at the computer, do exercises that will keep you in good eyes, go for a walk or a gym. Work on your creativity Occupational burnout reduces the effectiveness of activities and increases the stiffness of thinking. Try to perform your duties on a daily basis, or at least in a different order. If you are not able to stimulate your creativity to work, at least work on the creative possibilities of engaging and motivating. If you notice that work ceases to give you satisfaction, and the hours spent in it put you in a state of irritation, act immediately. Ask yourself questions about your needs and desires. Thanks to that, you will increase self-awareness, and this is a step towards feeling happy with the activities performed.