How people find their marketing dream jobs?

28 grudnia 2018 16:50

or in general, how people find dream career opportunities?

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28 grudnia 2018 16:51

How do you find your sense of life, your personal mission, and vocation to achieve fulfillment and survive? Start by designing your dream life by getting your dream job, for example in marketing. Here is some piece of advice on how to gain this purpose. 1) Analyze yourself, identify your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities that open up to you, as well as threats resulting from your experience, education and work situation. Prepare a list of your unique traits, skills and work experience that distinguishes you from other candidates on the market. 2) Specify the target market, i.e. the industries in which you would like to work and select the appropriate segment of this market (your dream companies). Remember that there are no universal products and not every one of them can be positioned on the highest shelf. Think about what kind of employers may be interested in you and why. 3) Specify your price. Determine how much you can be worth considering, how much someone can pay for you. 4) Prepare a marketing plan for yourself and communication materials - an appropriate professional CV and cover letter. Remember you are innovative, it's a fashionable word lately. 5) Adjust the appropriate MIX marketing: - Browse ads on the Internet and in the daily press, send your applications only where you know you could work. Do not send the application wholesale for every ad appearing. - Use business portals, social networking such as Facebook. Put your profile there (if you do not have it yet), show yourself from the best part, let yourself be found. - Get recommendations from friends, maybe you'll get a phone number from them to the recruiter. As a person on command, you will always be treated differently. Only from you and from your commitment the success of achieving your dream life goal.