How frequently should I publish on social media?

7 stycznia 2019 15:10

Including Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Is there any 'golden hour' for publishing new posts?

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7 stycznia 2019 15:12

Wondering how often you publish on social media? The answer to this question is not obvious. See below my tips on how to choose the right number of publications and what to include, creating your own schedule of activities in social media.

# 1 For what purpose do you publish?

The first question that will help you determine how often you publish on social media is to target. Messages in social media are nothing more than messages that have a specific effect. It can be an excitation of engagement, redirection of traffic to a website, blog, online store, landing page. Each of these goals can be achieved with completely different means, so think about it and answer - what is your goal?

# 2 Who are you publishing for? Who is in your target group?

Specifying the target group is the next step that will help in determining how often you publish on social media. Note that people who work on Facebook, for example, usually at completely different times than students or young people.

# 3 On what social media platforms do you publish?

Determining the type of social media platform is to a large extent determining the response to how often you publish on social media. Each platform has a completely different specificity!


It turns out that the mere publication of content on social media is not enough to reach a wide audience, let alone get their interest and provoke reflection. Equally important, what engaging and interesting content, is also at what time of the day and in which part of the week we decide to publish the posts we have prepared. As for the day and time - there are no contraindications to try out the advice given by people who know about social media, but, nevertheless, the self-developed strategy will work best.