How does marketing automation work?

11 grudnia 2018 11:20

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15 stycznia 2019 15:28

Marketing automation is one of the fastest growing markets and different surveys estimate the world spend on MA tools will increase up to 28 billion dollars in 2019.

Both large and small sizes companies use automation in their daily work for sales, support and marketing departments. Benefits from using marketing automation tools are invaluable. Entrepreneurs around the world decide to implement it because of the multiple benefits of this solution.

It helps to better organize work of marketing, sales and support departments and keep all the important data in one tool. What’s also important automation reduce most of the time-consuming, repetitive tasks and allow to focus on the creative, more demanding responsibilities so companies save time, money and potential of their employees.

To understand how marketing automation works, you need to remind yourself sales funnel. Your clients and visitors are located on the different levels of the funnel, depending on their knowledge about your brand and product. As all marketers know, each group of customers receives proper marketing content that creates a need for having a product or push them to take a decision about the purchase.

This is not rocket science so far, huh? But with marketing automation your teams send all these content to the properly targeted users, get all the communication in a few clicks and in the end, they are able to track the effects of the campaign in the same tool.

Marketing automation allows tracking website visitors through the website pages, build scores for the prospect and trigger more profile data based on web actions. Many tools, like for example is very simple to implement and you don’t need to be a programmer to build advanced automation. Technically everything starts from inserting special code to your business website. Right after that you can build your customer base and start with creating your first automation schemes!