How does Facebook work for a small business?

15 stycznia 2019 15:26

If you look for a way to promote your business, you definitely should try Facebook. Billions of registered users, individuals, companies, fan pages, groups… it’s the biggest social media channel in the world, so either you are a small or big business owner, it’s worth to try Facebook potential:


#1 Use Facebook for customer support

As a business owner you probably used to be constantly online, but your clients are too! Offer them live chat support or implement easy chat bot including links to FAQs and other necessary materials. Simply offer help, where your customers need it.

#2 Create an online community

If you want to build your brand awareness and get more new leads, you should use Facebook for building an online community. Nowadays people look for recommendations any time they chose a product or service, and the Facebook group can be a source of positive reviews about your company. Use your community to create a good PR for your brand. Additional advantage? It’s free!

#3 Try Facebook ads

Promoted posts on Facebook don’t look like a standard advertisement and that’s good! They look like regular posts but in fact, they are highly targeted and you can reach more people. Start your first campaigns with a small budget, check different kinds of content, mix images and simple messages to see what brings you the best results.

#4 Other things to consider

The small size of your company should not limit your marketing actions! Constantly test different ways of the engaging audience. Examples? - organize an upsell for your community members - offer free content like an e-book, printable templates or other, useful (!) content - record videos or live chat with your fans.

Many companies try Facebook and if the campaign doesn’t bring quick wins, they resign. Engaging people is a long-term process so don’t give up too fast, it’s worth to give a Facebook a serious try!