How can I use SMS marketing in my business?

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3 stycznia 2019 15:34

There’s a lot of ways you could use SMS marketing in your business, depending on your industry. 

Here’s a couple of ideas:

1. Send discounts to your customers: By using SMS marketing, you can inform your customers about latest discounts and promotions straight away!

2. Appreciate your loyal customers: If you have loyal customers that use your services or buy from you often, you should pamper them a bit. Did you hear that existing customers are 5–7 times more likely to support your business and purchase your product? Show them they are valuable to you and how much you appreciate them. How about sending them a birthday wishes and a special discount to celebrate the occasion?

3. Ask for feedback: Sms marketing is a fantastic way to ask people using your service for their opinion! Just remember to make sure the questions are short, preferably “Yes/No” or “1–5” scale. This way, you can also find out which customers are the happiest with your company and which have an issue with your company.

4. Send exclusive deals for special people: Persuading people to give you their phone number in exchange for special deals and learning about the newest promotions and offers can have incredible results! It’s a sure way of increasing engagement - if people are signing up for those then you know they’re interested in your company and your offers.

5. Remind them about appointments: Because text messages are delivered immediately and they have such a high open rate, text messages are a fantastic way of reminding customers about appointments they made. It’s also one of the fastest means of confirming will your customers show up - it works exceptionally well for service centers. Ask customers to reply to your text message with “Yes/No,” and you know immediately if they will come or not. Not only you won’t waste time waiting for customers that won’t appear, but you will also know in advance you can book an appointment with another customer!