How can I improve SEO on my website?

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19 grudnia 2018 16:47

Existing of the website does not mean it functions well – it requires a regular check of statistics, content, and design that is called improving SEO or website audit. Search engine optimization (SEO) is directed itself to the proper work of any website, however, it is needed to examine page performance according to SEO in order to identify and find opportunities that were missed while website functioning. Two main factors are counted in that re-focus of SEO effects: influence on users and search engines work. This process can be divided into different parts. Here will be proposed three blocks of that audit that we can make for the page via special programs. 1. In order to analyze users behavior and improve the website work, there should be reviewed all statistic connected to the number of users that visit the website, how much time they spend, which pages and in what order they visit. This helps to find lacks of website and unpopularity of some pages. Finding that pages mean they can be reviewed later with a view to design, the content, etc. 2. The contest of the whole website should be revised because its main goal is to satisfy users need and answer their questions. Everything you publish has to solve visitors’ problems. In order to reach that goal keywords and traffic connection, titles, originality of design are taken into analyze and revised further. 3. The last step is making a high-quality evaluation by a good IT specialist. His task is to count all analyzed questions: website performance, SEO, users’ rate, design, and content and make a conclusion. All of those tasks aimed at maximizing user experience. There are services you can use: - SE Ranking Website Audit - MySiteAuditor - Marketing Grader