How can I automate the marketing tasks for my startup?

28 stycznia 2019 11:37

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28 stycznia 2019 11:37

There are two values that every startup owner should save: money and time. They are the most important especially for beginners. Two most precious goods that you probably don’t have anymore.

Automation is the answer for this kind of problems. It helps to grow any startup and make it work as a big company. What department should you start with? There’s no doubt: marketing. A few simple tricks and tools can help to save a lot of budgets even more money. Here are some ways to improve your marketing automation for a startup:

• Social media
Streamline your social media strategy and improve it using tools to manage it. Use a publishing platform for scheduling and publishing content on any platform. Some tools even help you with the analytic part. When you monitor customer interactions with the brand in social media, it's easier to match your offers.

• Email marketing
More than half of online consumers have bought something because of an email marketing communication. Email marketing automation enables sending messages matched to needs of the specific user, instead of flooding everyone with the same emails directed to no one.

• Website content
Automation tools help to build marketing strategy from the ground up and integrate it across all the channels. Every user can find a different page based on his purchase and Google search history. All the banners he sees, contain products similar to the ones that he has recently bought or looked at.

• Analytics
Marketing Automation allows examining in detail the effects of particular implemented solutions, individual campaigns or automation rules, thanks to which you can easily optimize the costs of operations.

• RTB ads
Thanks to automation tools, you can personalize ads, retarget them and reach people who visited our website but do not respond to emails or other messages.