Facebook retargeting - how to do it?

21 stycznia 2019 14:29

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21 stycznia 2019 14:31

Retargeting or remarketing is an indispensable mechanism in the arsenal of each advertiser. It lowers the cost of the client many times or motivates to buy, yet undecided audience.

In simple terms, retargeting on Facebook is showing advertisements to people who have already familiarized themselves with your advertisement and made an action that is useful for you, namely, they went to the site or watched a video.

But the main problem for you is that they did not make the main thing - shopping. Maybe, of course, you haven't a user-friendly site, but usually, the fact is that a large number of users simply forget to buy, went in, saw, they liked it, and someone distracted them and that's all, lost hot lead for you. But retargeting will easily fix this situation and I will show you how to configure it.

Retargeting on Facebook in the advertiser's personal account is configured - in the menu this is the item “Advertising on Facebook”.

-> Choose "Create an advertisement" and get into your personal account.

-> Facebook will ask you to choose the goal of an advertising campaign - choose "Increase the number of conversions on the website."

-> Then you can go directly to the retargeting settings - creating a pixel, installing it on the site and creating advertisements. Each stage is accompanied by hints, so you should not worry about something going wrong.

In addition to directly increasing conversion, retargeting to Facebook allows you to attract potential buyers or clients. This is retargeting based on user behavior. If a person is interested in some material (not necessarily advertizing - it may be some informational article), like or repost, the advertiser using retargeting can later show this user an advertisement created taking into account his interests.