Domain name vs host name - What is the difference?

28 stycznia 2019 11:34

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28 stycznia 2019 11:34

If you are going to make your first website, you’ve probably come across these two concepts. Maybe someone told you that you Reed to have a domain name and a Web hosting. It is important to clear that out and see the differences before creating the first website.

A host name is a name assigned to a device on a network. It is often used to distinguish one device from another over the internet. Hostnames can be used by DNS server so you can open your website using an easy-to-remember name and avoid remembering the long IP address. The host name consists of either “www” (where the global internet is the host) or some network that represents the host (for example, a company can use a custom internal network).

More often, this term is associated with web hosting - a place where people store their websites (all the files: HTML, images, videos, documents etc). It can be also referred to a specific company that you pay for storing your website and providing Internet connectivity so other people can access it. These hosting companies handle the server maintenance work (backup, root configuration or error recoveries) and have the support to help you with any website problems.

A domain name is an address where people can access your website. It is like the address of your home. A domain name can be any combination of letters, numbers and some of the punctuation marks with various domain name extensions (.com, .eu, .net, .info). Every domain name must be unique, so you cannot use the domain that is already registered.

There’s could be also a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) that contains both a domain name and a host name. It is a full, unambiguous name, specifying the location in DNS. It specifies the location of the node in DNS. It usually consists of the hostname, at least one higher-level domain, and always ends with the top-level domain. FQDN is the right address for which the SSL certificate can be issued.