Does Instagram make people feel worse?

28 grudnia 2018 16:32


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28 grudnia 2018 16:34

Depression, anxiety, loneliness, a disturbed perception of one's body - this is a side effect of communing with Instagram. From social media, he is the most destructive influence on the psyche. Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter ruin it less spectacularly. And only YouTube comes out with a defensive hand because it can act therapeutically. BBC News informs about this, citing the results of the British research for the Royal Society for Public Health. Although Instagram allows you to capture and stop moments, share with other memories, it has one big drawback: its users put filters on pictures, slim down their already slim bodies, and make up for the muscles that are not real. This retouch distorts our aesthetics. A sick pursuit of perfection may end up with a lack of self-confidence, depression, and a desire for isolation. Almost all Instagram users only show the perfect snapshots of their lives, and even if the cadres lack something of perfection, you can always use a filter that will fine-tune the reality. This makes the viewers feel not only jealousy but even fall into depression. They perceive their own world as gray, boring and uninteresting. People tend to compare themselves with others. Although it is senseless and usually only serves to depreciate yourself. And already comparing your reflection in the mirror to the faces of people presented on Instagram, is a guarantee of a bad mood. It seems that each of us knows that filters are applied to photos, that they have been retouched, and before the photographing faces and bodies are well-lit. Our mind registers the image and immediately starts the comparison. Especially young people can become victims of Instagram. They build a vision of the world in which everyone has a flawless complexion, wears clothing in size zero and drink kale juice every day. And that's not anyone's life!